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Hey readers – last week, me and Joyette travelled to the Island of Bohol in the central Visaya’s region of The Philippines for a vacation and a bit of work. It was nice to get away from the busy main island of Luzon and spend some time in a more desolate location with world renowned attractions.

After landing at the airport, we went to the famous chocolate hills – the pictures don’t do it justice – we got the chance to ride a bike in mid-air, Joyette went first – the guys working there commented on how fast she rode across! It’s part fitness & part being scared, I went after, took a bit longer to capture some selfies with my GoPro! Such unique landscape.

After that, we went to our resort on Panglao Island which is also the venue of the Safe Guard 5150 Triathlon that offers a wide range of beach front accommodation.

We stayed on Alona Beach, which I would recommend to both local & foreign tourist as it’s clean, safe & has many options for food/activities.

For the better part, the water’s where very clean & easy to swim in, The prices where very reasonable,  IT’S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES moments, We got to lounge around on beach in bean-bags, The pure volume of foreign tourist, mainly European, speaks for itself.

Anyway, all in all I would surely return to Bohol, there’s still a few things we did not get to see, which is a reason to go back!

Luckily, we return to Manila on Friday without any problems, before Typhoon Ruby hit, were 45+ domestic flights where cancelled on that day alone…

Posted 9th December 2014 by Mathieu O’Halloran


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