SidlaKasilak or Festival of Lights

This annual festival of lights honors the “Birhen sa Kasilak” (Our Lady of Light), patroness of Loon. It also expresses the enduring qualities of the town. The Visayan words “sidlak” (rise) and “silak” (shine) best describe the character of Loonanons as they conquer life’s adversities and make the best out of their inherent talents and capabilities. The various sectors of the community mount sociocultural activities during the ten-day celebration that starts on August 30 until September 8. Highlighting the festival is a fluvial procession followed by street dancing and dance of lights competitions. Other contests, all requiring the use of light, are also mounted. SidlaKasilak was inspired by past religious processions in Loon when the faithful would light candles in colorful hand-held lanterns or “parow”, the local version of the “parol”.

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