Sandugo Song Festival 2017

Photo Credits: Gerald James Cabal Of GJC Photography

by Mark Andrew Oppus

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Photo Credits: Jimmy Borja, Padayon Bohol-Padayon Bol-Anon Facebook Page

Certainly, the music scene in Bohol has evolved. Most of the time, we were more fond of listening to foreign bands and artists but now, we can already enjoy original music composed and interpreted by proud Bol-anons. Through time, a growing number of local artists and bands are emerging to showcase their God-given gifts in music.

Last year, the Bohol Sandugo Song Festival was first established to support the province’s local songwriters singers and musicians. Because of the event’s positive results and impact, the organizers decided to retain the activity in this year’s Sandugo Festival.

The Bohol Sandugo Song Festival 2017 happened on July 20, 2017 at Bohol Cultural Center wherein the venue was filled with excited music lovers and enthusiasts who anticipated for a night of good local music.

The above-mentioned song festival was open to all Boholano professional and amateur songwriters. They were asked to compose a song which must be unpublished and original wherein the lyrics must be in the Visayan dialect with a duration of not more than 4 minutes. There was no theme, category and genre required.

Among the 12 competitors, only 3 of them were able to make it to the top. “Sa Una ug Karon” composed by Charlven Remolador and interpreted by April Remolador ended up in the 3rd place. “Ikaw Na Ba” composed by Nandy Maniwan and interpreted by Alma Mida Golosina was the 2nd place. “Awit Sa Hangin” composed by Joseph Gara and interpreted by Julia Faith Joaquin fought to the finish and won the night.

It’s amazingly remarkable that today, we have already learned to embrace our own. Not only that, we have found a way to hone and unfold the Boholano musical talents and gifts. If each of us would support our own Boholano euphonies, then it is a certainty that we would make a musical scene not only locally or nationally but also internationally. After all, the Bol-anon talent deserves recognition from the world.

May we continue to celebrate through the beautiful words and sweet sounds of our local music. “Bol-anong musika, anomahon ta!”

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