Lumayag Sandbar


Lumayag Sandbar

A sandbar consists of pebbles and sands that have been formed by coastal currents usually located a few hundred feet from the beach or shoreline. As an archipelago consisting of more than 7,000 islands, the Philippines is home to the most pristine and breathtaking sandbars and one of them is Lumayag Sandbar.

Lumayag Sandbar is a great place to have a sumptuous meal. Located in the town of Mabini in Bohol, the Sandbar is a great place for sampling some of the best seafood the town has to offer. A visit to Lumayag will never be complete without trying out the best crab the province has to offer.

Lumayag is a cream-shaped sandbar that constantly changes its shape depending on wind direction. Aside from the crabs and the shrimps, there are other marine species that thrive in the area such as giant clams and starfishes.

The crystal blue waters of Lumayag Sandbar is ideal for swimming and taking a dip after taking a sumptuous meal by the beach. In addition, you can simply just stroll along the beach and look for some tiny shells or have some quiet time.

Aside from swimming, Lumayag Sandbar is also perfect for snorkeling. Riding a speed boat or pump boat is in itself a worthwhile experience. A maximum of 8 persons per boat is allowed going to the sandbar.

Kids 5 years old and above are allowed to swim or go snorkeling in the area. Just don’t forget to bring your food and water. Of course, the trip will never be complete without taking pictures on your camera. Be sure to apply sunscreen lotion to keep yourself protected from the heat of the sun.

Information of eco-tour

AddressBarangay Baybayon, Mabini, Bohol
How to Get There
  1. One can take a van-for-hire (V-hire) and travel time is approximately 2 hours with fare @ Php130.00
  2. One can also take the bus with fare @ Php 85.00 and travel time at roughly 2.5 – 3 hours
Tour feeFree * Fees are subject to change without prior notice
What is included in the Price?Free * Fees are subject to change without prior notice
Precaution statementThere is no specific age limit for the tourists to experience the eco-tour.
Ages 5 and above can swim or snorkel in the area
Maximum of number of individuals allowed
A maximum of 8 persons per boat in going to the islet
How much time is allotted to experience the eco-tour?
a half-day is advisable to stay in the islet to enjoy swimming and snorkeling
What to wear?Swim wear
What to bring?Need to bring food
Lotion for sun protection
Souvenir itemsNone at this time
Other Important Information:Never leave waste in the sandbar
Does the eco-tour accept bookings?No, None at this time
Contact person
Milagrosa “Franie” Galorio

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