Dagook Adventure Tour Experience

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Dagook Adventure Tour Experience (D.A.T.E.) Park

The town of Catigbian, Bohol offers a venue for tourists to have a different kind of D.A.T.E. Located 35 kilometers in the northeastern part of Tagbilaran City, the Dagook Adventure Tour Experience (D.A.T.E) offers guests an opportunity to experience nature. It offers a wide range of activities that makes a visit to the park a truly worthwhile experience.

Situated in Poblacion Weste and Rizal in the municipality of Catigbian, the Dagook Adventure Tour Experience is a 3-hectare natural forest reserve that also conserves the Sampilangon River and the marvelous Dagook Falls. The activities that the park offers will test your courage and endurance.

Upon arrival at the park, you will be fetched by a carabao-driven cart. This will tour you around the place and drop you off at the Guest Office. From there, you will watch a short clip that will orient you on safety issues while inside the park. You will then be asked to wear safety gears such as harness, slider roller, head gear and outsized hooks.


What To Do

So what’s in store for tourists in the Dagook Adventure Tour Experience? For starters, the activities here are not as intense as those in the E.A.T. Danao Park.  So here are the activities you can indulge in at the park:


Canopy Walk

Push yourself to the limit as you take a 60-meter walk while suspended in 20-meters of 7 high-tension cables positioned 60 feet above the ground.


Monkey Bridge

The Monkey Bridge is a 45-meter hanging bridge supported by 4 cables, one of which where the harness will be fastened. Wearing a double harness attached to a safety cable, you will cross to the other side of the bridge located 90 – 120 feet above the ground.


Mountain Slide

Mountain Slide is a 200-meter zip line that provides a view of the Sampilangon River and Dagook Falls. The activity ends at the area where you started all the activities. So before doing the monkey bridge, prepare yourself for a 25-second slide.

Both the Canopy Walk and Monkey Bridge can accommodate 20 guests at a time while the Mountain Slide is only good for one tourist at a time.

D.A.T.E. Park is owned and managed by the Local Government Unit of Catigbian located in barangay Poblacion Weste, Poblacion and Rizal nestled in a 20 has. lot which is classified as eco-tourism zone. It offers wholesome adventure activities like canopy walk, monkey bridge, mountain slide and trekking since its first operation on June 17, 2011 until it was badly damaged by the October 15, 2013 earthquake.

Information of eco-tour

AddressPoblacion Weste, Catigbian, Bohol
How to Get ThereThe park is accessible to any type of vehicles. By private car or tourist transport, it takes around 30-45 minutes from the Tagbilaran City. If the tourist opts to avail the public buses, the fare is P60 for ordinary and P80.00 for airconditioned-buses .
ScheduleThe park opens at 8:00 in the morning and closes at 6:00 in the afternoon.
Tour feePackage price for 4 wholesome adventure activities is P700.00 while the entrance is P20.00. For students, children and senior citizens, a 50% discount on entrance fee is mandatory as prescribed in the Municipal Ordinance.  The package price of P700 includes 1 bottle of water (250ml) and a guided tour.
Precaution statementChildren below 3 years old are not allowed to avail the activities, however, for senior citizens, they maybe allowed subject to their personal willingness and assessment of the park personnel.Canopy walk and monkey bridge can accommodate 20 persons at a time, however, the mountain slide can only have one tourist at a time
What to wear?Comfortable outdoor wears are recommended
Other Important Information:A minimum of two (2) hours is needed to gain a satisfying experience and canteen is available daily but meals should be booked a day or two prior to the visit.
Does the eco-tour accept bookings?For bookings, just call the office by using the landlines from Monday to Friday.
Contact person
Ardissa R. Estavilla
(038) 4162326 to 28

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