Bohol Surprise Tour 9


Tribu Eskaya

Learn a few words and see how the tribe kept their tradition amidst creeping modernization

Lunch at Tribu Eskaya

Organic produce for lunch prepared the Eskaya Tribe way.

Php 4,000.00

Time: 8.5 hours (Day-Trip) | 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

DestinationLocationTour Highlights
1Tribu Eskaya Learning TourDueroLearn few words, write your name the Eskaya way and see how the tribe kept their tradition amidst creeping modernization
2Lunch at Tribu EskayaDueroOrganic produce for lunch prepared the Eskaya Tribe way
3Strawberry Farm Tour (Temporarily Unavailable)DueroVisit small farms owned by Locals in Taytay
4Music and Sound of Dimiao RondallaDimiaoThey pick, pluck and strum. The music they make speaks of a culture best expressed by the children and the rondalla of Dimiao

For inquiries and reservation please contact Bohol Tourism Office.

Governor’s Mansion Compound, C.P.G. Avenue North, Tagbilaran City, 6300 Bohol

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